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New Super Visa Now Available


As of December 1st, parents and grandparents can apply for the new Super Visa, allowing them to visit their families in  Canada for up to 2 years at a time. The Super Visa is available as a multiple entry visa approved for a period up to 10 years, and the expected processing time is approximately 8 weeks. There are conditions parents and grandparents must meet, which include:

  • Written commitment of financial support from their child or grandchild in Canada who meets a minimum income threshold
  • Canadian medical insurance for at least one year to cover the period of time that they will be in Canada, and
  • Completion of the Immigration Medical Examination
The Super Visa was instroduced as part of the Government’s Action Plan for Faster Family Reunification. Currently, processing times for sponsoring a parent or grandparent can be up to 8 years.
For more information, please go to IRCC or contact us.

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