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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Announcements


In the last couple of months, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program has implemented positive changes that facilitate the recruitment and settlement of immigrants to the province. These are:

  • Expansion to the Northeast Pilot Project list of entry level and semi-skilled occupations. This is a two year pilot project ending August 4th, 2014. In the northeast development region of BC, all temporary foreign workers in skill level occupations C & D are eligible to apply for permanent residency under the Provincial Nominee Entry Level and Semi-Skilled (ELSS) category if they have 9 months of full-time employment prior to the date of application; offer of permanent employment by the employer; minimum education and English language requirements; and, a family income that meets or exceeds the Provincial Nominee Income Threshold.
  • Steamlined Application Process for Business Immigration Stream. Application received after June 15, 2012, there will be no initial review and a partial refund of fees will no longer be available.
  • Entry level and Low-skilled Provincial Nominees will require basic language proficiency. As of July 1, 2012, in line with the federal government’s changes to eligibility criteria, entry level and low-skilled provincial nominees will be required to submit results from a language test that show they have basic proficiency in English or French. This new rule will not apply to Temporary Foreign Workers who arrived in Canada on or before July 1, 2012 and who have applied to the BC PNP no later than April 1, 2013.

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