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Federal Skilled Worker Program to Reopen May 2013


On December 19th, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced that the new Federal Skilled Worker Program will reopen in May 2013. This has been a much anticipated announcement. The changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Program include:

  • Emphasis on Language – Minimum official language thresholds and increased points for language ability
  • Emphasis on younger immigrants
  • Credential Assessments – Education will be assessed by independent body and points will be allocated accordingly
  • Changes to arrange employment offer
  • Adaptability points for spouse’s language ability and Canadian work experience

Since the aim of Citizenship and Immigration Canada is to create a faster and more flexible immigration system, applications submitted will be processed within months, not years. There will also be a fixed number of applications accepted to avoid backlogs.

The new process will be a two step process. First, applicants must show they meet the minimum language requirements. Second, applicants will have their education credentials assessed by an overseas assessment office designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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