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Details for Federal Skilled Worker Program to be Released April


Citizenship and Immigration Canada made its latest announcement regarding the much anticipated re-opening of the Federal Skilled Worker Program. They specified that three major announcements will be made middle of April. These include the following:

  • a cap on the number of applications that will be accepted in the first year;
  • a new list of priority occupations; and
  • the organizations that will be designated to conduct educational assessments.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is scheduled to accept applications May 4, 2013. Citizenship and Immigration Canada warns that applicants preparing applications prior to this information being announced do so at their own risk. The cap and priority occupation list will limit those that qualify. However, we encourage potential applicants to learn more about the program and do what is within reason to prepare if they have experience in an occupation considered high-demand in Canada, have strong language skills and education that may be equivalent to Canadian standards. Contact us and we can help you determine if the Federal Skilled Workers Program is a potential option for you, or to explore other immigration opportunities.

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