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Canada 2013 Budget Plan – Summary of Immigration Issues


Canada released its 2013 Budget plan on March 21st. A key priority is supporting job growth and creation. Canada’s immigration system plays an important role in this. Here is a brief summary of immigration related intentions set-out by the government

Temporary Resident Program
$42 Million towards Temporary Resident Program to speed up processing times and create a more efficient system

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

  • User Fee for employers to apply under Labour Market Opinion
  • Restriction of putting “non-official” language as a job requirement
  • Employers will have to advertise longer and farther to find Canadians to fill jobs before looking overseas

Expression of Interest

Intention to Create  Expression of Interest immigration management system by 2014– a pool of skilled workers ready to begin employment in Canada.

  • Inspired by the new Zealand and Australia
    • Align intake with processing capability to avoid backlog
    • Choose best candidates, not first come first serve
    • Increase employer role in selection
  • New Zealand’s EOI program (2003)
    • Move from passive acceptance, to active recruitment
    • Priority given to those with job offers
    • Greater control over inventories and processing, less appeal rights
    • 92% of EOI selected applicants have job offers
    • 85% are already in New Zealand as workers or students when they apply
    • Language thresholds are high and credential assessment required

Improvements to foreign credential recognition processes

International Education Strategy
Provide $10 million over two years for international marketing activities to post-secondary schools and partners

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