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New regulations for international students will take effect on June 1


New regulations for international students

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Announced the new rules for international students that designed to intensify Canada’s reputation as a choice of high-quality education destination for prospective international students. These changes will take force on June 1, 2014. The new regulations will improve services to genuine students that willing to study in Canada,  and reduce the potential for fraud and misuse of the programs. Here is a summarized chart for the New Regulations: International Student Chart




















The finalized announcement also pointed that the designated educational institutions will be determined by provincial and territorial governments in coming months. Once the new regulations come into force, current international students who are studying at a non-designated institution with a valid study permit, will be permitted to complete their study for up to 3 years after the regulations take effect; Students in the same situation, holding an Off-Campus Work Permit or a Co-op Work Permit, will be permitted to continue to use or renew if necessary, their work permit until they complete their program, for up to 3 years after the new rules take effect. Additional operational regulations will be announced closer to June 1, 2014, when the new rules come into force. Source:   Contact us for more information.

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