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Canadian Experience Class 2014 – Number of Applications Accepted


Canadian Experience Class 2014 Application Cap

– Updated Dec 11, 2014 

The Canadian Experience Class reopened in May, 2014, with an overall cap of 8,000 applications, and a sub-cap of 200 for each application under the NOC B. This is the last year to apply under this program before the system reform in January 2015. If you would like to apply under the Canadian Experience Class, your occupation may still available to apply. Check out the newest update from CIC about the Applications Cap.

For all other NOC B occupations, CIC will accept up to 200 applications per occupation. Once the caps are reached, applications will no longer accepted for that occupation. Once CIC receives 8,000 complete CEC applications, the Canadian Experience Class application for NOC B will be closed.

As of  December 11, 2014, the total applications received towards the overall cap are: 4,537 out of 8,000 applications

For number of complete NOC B applications received towards each occupation’s Sub-cap, click here to get the update list.

For more information about the qualification and requirements for the Canadian Experience Class 2014 , please contact us.

If you don’t know what your NOC code is, please contact us for an occupation assessment.

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