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Get To Know Your Lawyer: Richard Bell


Today, he’s recognized as one of Vancouver’s most trusted and sought after Wills and Estate Planning lawyers. But did you know that Richard Bell, founder of Bell Alliance, didn’t seriously consider becoming a lawyer until a friend in the legal profession encouraged him to write the entrance exam?

“And once that decision was made,” Richard shares, “everything else just followed.”

Get to know more about your lawyer, Richard Bell, in our quick Q&A below.

What community do you call home and what appreciate most about it?

The Main and Cambie area of Vancouver is home for us. It’s a walking, biking, running, transit, and car sharing community with a variety of small businesses owned by locals which we really value.


If you could have a chat with someone famous or someone who is an expert in their field/craft/profession, who would it be and why?

He passed away last year but I would have loved to talk to neurologist, naturalist, and author Oliver Sacks. His books have such great titles as “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat”, “An Anthropologist in Mars” and “Awakenings”.

Is there a charity, group or program you’re a part of that’s close to your heart? What is it, and why is it important to you?

There are so many great charities that is tough to pick but the Arts Club is one of my favourites. Live theatre is both entertaining and thought-provoking and is an essential part of building a great community.

But I also believe supporting those less fortunate locally or internationally is important, so I support World Housing and numerous local people focused charities.  World Housing funds the building of homes for the poorest of the poor in developing countries. I was thrilled to recently be appointed an Ambassador for World Housing.

Where would we be most likely to spot you on a day off?

Walking my dogs in Queen Elizabeth or Spirit Park.
Photo Source: Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, British Columbia | Public Domain Pictures

Was there a moment in your life that you knew you wanted to become a lawyer?

My family had always suggested law but I had never thought seriously about it until a lawyer friend encouraged me to write the entrance exam. And once that decision was made everything else just followed.

What do your clients mean to you?

Clients are what makes the practice of law so satisfying. They are coming to you for advice and to handle a matter that is extremely important to them.

The client relationship is often long standing as you assist with their legal needs throughout the lifecycles whether it is coming to a new country, buying a home, building a business or planning their estate. You are their professional advisor but it is a very personal relationship.

Why Bell Alliance?

The Bell Alliance standard is “How Would You Like Your Mother to Be Treated” and that is what makes Bell Alliance special.

What are you reading? Any recommendations?

I am just finishing (and highly recommend) “Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving In The Age of Acceleration” by Thomas Friedman. Friedman is a New York Times foreign affairs columnist and author of a number of great books including “The World Is Flat”.

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