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Anin Setyo

Hi, I’m Anin Setyo. I can help you navigate through the Canadian immigration and citizenship process.

I practice immigration law at Bell Alliance LLP.

Practice Areas

  • Work Permits
  • Express Entry
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Permanent Residency and Citizenship Applications
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration
  • IRB appeals

As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, my skillset lies in collaborative work with my clients to achieve their immigration goals; Whether it be bringing in a foreign worker within a strict deadline, sponsoring a family member, allowing you to attain permanent status or anything in between, I look for the uniqueness of each case and try to customize my service according to your needs. I like to keep a dynamic practice and am knowledgeable on a wide-range of both permanent and temporary resident streams.

I believe in the humanity that underlies all immigration applications. I connect with my client on a professional level, first and foremost, but without leaving behind the human approach. I have a straightforward and high-efficiency service approach, putting utmost importance on saving my clients’ time. I have lived in three different countries and currently speaks two languages. I regret to have lost my skills in French and Japanese, but vow to gain one back this lifetime. My favourite thing to do when I am not working on immigration matters, is helping out in the kitchen of Carnegie Community Centre. For me, cutting vegetables for hours at a time is a welcomed form of meditation.

My work has allowed me to:

  • Fill unique positions within their company in remote parts of Canada with talent from across the globe
  • Bring loved ones to come to Canada on a permanent basis
  • Overcome criminal inadmissibility to meet the requirements to come to Canada whether to work, study, or visit
  • Navigate through the complex assessment process with the federal government to allow their company to sponsor a foreign worker
  • Extend their ability to study/work/visit Canada beyond their initial intention
  • Change the status and authorization of their activities in Canada in a timely manner
  • Bring their business idea and investment to Canada

I have helped clients with:

  • Express Entry – Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade
  • Provincial Nominee programs
  • Family sponsorship (spousal, common-law, parents/grandparents, children)
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment
  • Temporary permits (work permit, study permit and visitor)
  • Self-employed/business or entrepreneur class
  • Criminal inadmissibility (criminal rehabilitation, Temporary Resident Permit)

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