Our team includes experienced immigration consultants who are members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. They advise individuals, families and businesses on the immigration process and act as their representative for temporary or permanent residency to Canada.

Our consultants focus primarily on permanent residency under the skilled worker streams, provincial nominee programs, and family class, as well as temporary work permits for foreign businesses doing work in Canada or Canadian companies hiring from overseas. By working side by side with our corporate lawyers, our team can support businesses with both corporate and immigration legal needs.

Our core practice areas are below. Since the immigration process is often complex and policies constantly change, it is impossible to list everything we do for our clients. Instead, we encourage you to contact us so we can determine the best strategy for your situation and support you in achieving your immigration goals.

Work Permits

We help professionals, foreign business executives and their staff, Canadian employers and international students to obtain the proper permits to work in Canada.

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Express Entry

Express Entry is for economic class immigrants applying for permanent residency. We help skilled workers through the process of qualifying, obtaining the needed points and submitting their permanent residency application.

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Family Sponsorship

We help families sponsor their loved ones for permanent residency. We understand how emotional the journey can be, and always look forward to the joy families experience once they are permanently together in Canada.

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Provincial Nomination

We work with professionals, international graduates and businesses to obtain a provincial or territorial nomination certificate for permanent residency under the Provincial/Territorial Nomination Programs.

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Other Services

Our clients' goals and needs vary. And so do our services. See what else we do.

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US Immigration

Bell Alliance handles only Canadian immigration. Cedric Shen of Maximilian Law Inc. is our referred lawyer for U.S. immigration. Visit

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