Put simply, probate is the process of proving the originality and validity of a Will. It is often a required step in the estate administration process when the deceased has assets in BC. It involves a court application whereby the court will review the Will and supporting materials to confirm that the Will satisfies all of the formal requirements at law in BC. In addition to submitting a court application, Probate fees must be remitted to the Provincial Government before a Grant of Probate will be issued by the Court.

Executor Services

Having a professional act as an Executor or Attorney is often the best solution to make life easier for family and friends in difficult times and avoid the risk of negatively impacting the family/friend relationships.

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Estate Administration

When a person who owns assets in British Columbia dies, probate is often a required legal step of proving the validity and originality of the deceased's will in order to be able to carry out the deceased's final wishes.

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In BC, probate fees are based on calculation equal to roughly 1.4% of the gross value of the estate that passes through the hands of the Executor.

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