Real Estate

Whether it’s purchasing a new home, selling an investment property, or consolidating your debt by refinancing a vacation property, our goal is to make the task of managing your real estate transactions as easy and straightforward as possible. We help you understand the process, special considerations, and costs involved in buying, selling, refinancing, and developing property.

Residential Purchases

Buying a home is a very exciting but sometimes stressful process. For most people it is their largest single investment. We want to make the process as easy and understandable as possible.

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Residential Sales

It takes a lot of work to sell your home. The last stage of doing so is usually the most important: paying out any related mortgages and obtaining the sale proceeds. We're here to make sure that process goes smoothly.

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Residential Refinancing

Refinancing your home is a fairly straightforward process once you have selected from the many mortgage products available on the market. We want to make the process for you as straightforward as we can.

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Co-ownership agreements

When friends and family share ownership of a property, a co-ownership agreement is used to create legally-binding rules for that property to prevent and resolve disputes between the owners.

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Commercial Properties

We manage the complex legal aspects of purchasing, selling, and refinancing commercial properties so you can focus on generating income with that commercial property.

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Land Assemblies

We coordinate the legal process of joining adjacent lots to make a larger parcel of land. This larger parcel is usually developed into commercially or residentially-stratified property that maximizes use of land area.

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