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Canada’s Business Express Program launched in Bulgaria & Romania


Citizenship and Immigration Canada launched a new Business Express Program (BEP) in Bulgaria and Romania, in order to make it easier and faster for business persons from these countries to come to Canada.

Earlier this year, Canada has successfully launched Business Express Program in India, Mexico and China with visitor visas issued ideally within 3 days as well as an approval rate of close to 100%. As an important part of further strengthening Canada’s relationship with Bulgaria and Romania, The BEP will make business travel from both countries easier and visas quicker to get.

Reliable companies from Both Bulgaria and Romania, whose employees frequently travel to Canada for business purposes will be invited by the Canadian Embassy in Bucharest to take part in the program.

“Canada values its strong relationship with European Union members and wants to maximize the opportunities before us to increase prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic. The Business Express Program will facilitate legitimate business, tourism and trade. It is an indication that ties between Canada and our European partners are strong and getting stronger. ” — Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister.


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