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Structure and protect your business ventures with confidence.

Our goal is to provide you with the best representation and protect the interests of your business.

Bell Alliance acts as your partner, becoming as invested in the success and stability of your business as you are. Together, we protect the security of your enterprise, offering legal services for everything from company incorporations to business succession planning. Our main services are detailed below, but our business lawyers have extensive expertise in multiple areas. Give us a call and we’ll match you to the lawyer best suited to handle your unique business needs.

We can help you with

Company Incorporation

We love hearing about your new or flourishing business! We tailor each incorporation to your specific needs, ensuring your company is flexible for future growth while protecting your ownership interests.

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Business Contracts

Almost every aspect of business involves contracts, which are made up of exchanges of promises between two or more people. Whether you need a reusable service contract or website terms & conditions, we customize contracts to fit your business.

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Buying and Selling Businesses

Do you want to sell your current business or acquire a new one? From expansion to dissolution, our business layers can simplify and guide you through the process, helping you achieve your goals.

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Commercial Leases

We advise both landlords and tenants in the preparation and review of commercial leases, ensuring the lease agreement adequately protects your interests. Commercial tenancy can be complex, with multiple circumstances to consider and write into your agreement.

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Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder agreements protect a company’s business from infighting amongst shareholders and other situations involving operations and shared ownership. Working closely with your business, our lawyers draft and execute agreements to protect the future of your business and the interests of all involved parties.

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Business Succession Planning

Good business succession planning is about being ready for change. It involves planning for the smooth continuation and success of a business in the face of new ownership or key management. Do you have a plan?

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Not sure what you need? We can help.

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