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Real Estate

Assisting you with residential and commercial property transactions across BC.

Our goal is to simplify the task of managing your real estate transactions, making every step easy and straightforward.

Whether it’s buying or selling a home, negotiating on an investment property, or consolidating debt by refinancing a vacation property, our goal is to simplify the process. We help you understand each step, the special considerations, and costs involved in buying, selling and refinancing. In addition, our development team is here to help understand and negotiate complex agreements and development restrictions involved in building your vision. We also support our developer and investment clients by assisting them with due diligence, property acquisition, and management of commercial financing for their properties.

We can help you with

Residential Purchases

Buying a home is a very exciting but sometimes stressful process. For most people, it is their largest single investment and can be full of surprises. We manage expectations and communicate steps and processes clearly, reducing stress and making the real estate process as easy and understandable as possible.

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Residential Sales

There’s more to selling your home than an MLS listing. The further into the process, the more complex each step gets with more considerations: paying out any related mortgages and obtaining the real estate sale proceeds—to name a few. Our team manages each step, ensuring the process is smooth and nothing is missed so all you need to do is sign and move out and on!

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Residential Refinancing

Refinancing your home is a fairly straightforward process once you’ve chosen one of the various mortgage products available on the market. Once you have, we’ll step in and help you navigate the law for real estate refinancing.

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Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate

We’re here to help manage the complex legal aspects of purchasing and selling commercial real estate properties so you can focus on generating income.

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Financing Commercial Properties

Commercial financing can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Our team can help streamline the process, working closely with your brokers and lender to ensure a seamless process and the timely advance of loan funds.

Land Assemblies

We coordinate the legal process of joining adjacent lots to make a larger parcel of land. This larger parcel is usually developed into commercial or residential strata properties to maximize the use of the land. We have assisted both sellers and buyers with land assembly matters so we understand both sides of the equation.

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Real Estate Development

Bell Alliance assists developers from start to finish. Starting with the acquisition of land, to consolidating lots, entering into legal agreements for rezoning and developments permit approval, filing disclosure statements for early marketing, holding deposits, strata titling completed buildings and selling the completed units. Whether it’s a brand new home or a multi-use high-rise, we can help.

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Commercial Leasing

Leases are largely governed by the legal agreements entered into between landlord and tenant. We’re here to assist landlords and tenants in preparing, reviewing and advising on commercial lease agreements.

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