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World Housing 2018 Update


Did you know that Bell Alliance donates a portion of the legal fees you pay on real estate transactions to World Housing projects?

Last year, a member from Bell Alliance was able to visit Bogota, Colombia to view the completed construction of 15 homes that were life changing for those families living without proper shelter and secure housing. The Colombia development was the first project funded by Bell Alliance and other members of a group called Nexgen Forward. This is a group of local businesses working with World Housing to provide housing for some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Giving back to the global and local community is part of our mission statement and we will continue to pursue this passion.

In partnership with World Housing and New Story, Nexgen Forward’s new project for 2018 is in El Salvador! To build these homes, New Story is using an innovative technology where homes are being built using 3D printing. To learn more about our exciting new project and information on the technology, make sure to check out this link

This past year Richard Bell was also chosen to become part of the World Housing Ambassador Team! Make sure to click this link to find out more about this great organization

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