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Podcast featuring Richard Bell: Affordable Housing Solutions for Single Family Living


Podcast: Measure Twice, Cut Once
Episode # 10 Topic: Just Enough: Affordable housing solutions for single family living.
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Guests: Jake Fry, Founder/ Principal, Smallworks Studios and Laneway Housing, and
Co-Founder/Co-Director Director, Small Housing BC
Richard Bell, Bell Alliance LLP, Director, Small Housing BC

Jake Fry, Founder, Small Works Laneway Studios and Co-founder of Small Housing BC, and Richard Bell, of Bell Alliance LLP and Director at Small Housing BC are guests on HAVAN’s podcast Measure Twice, Cut Once – focused on helping design and build a home right for you. In Episode #10 – Just Enough, Jake and Richard discuss innovative solutions for multi-family living using the single-family home. This is an excellent resource to empower homeowners about affordable housing solutions for ground-oriented living. Listen to Jake Fry and Richard Bell share how to reconfigure a single-family home into a variety of affordable housing solutions for families of all configurations.

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