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Bell Alliance LLP is pleased to announce we are collaborating with TutelaCare and have created a strategic alliance.

TutelaCare is a digital Healthcare Planning solution that provides a step-by-step process and enables you and your loved ones to create a personalized healthcare plan which empowers you to instantly share your medical information with healthcare professions anytime anywhere via a unique QR code. TutelaCare provides the option to store your legal estate planning documentation prepared by Bell Alliance LLP such as a Representation Agreement in addition to your healthcare plan that is accessible 24/7. TutelaCare enables patient-centered care by making critical information available anytime anywhere. This will significantly reduce the stress associated with unwanted or futile care when your primary care physician is not available to provide your information to other healthcare professionals.

This is ground breaking to have your critical medical information and relevant legal documentation accessible in one place.  

As a preferred client of Bell Alliance LLP., we would like to offer you a reduced membership.  Please use the promotional code BA2022 when you are prompted for payment.

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