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Canada Preparing to Launch New Humanitarian and Compassionate Pathways for Ukrainian, Colombian, Haitian and Venezuelan Foreign Nationals


The Government of Canada has announced two new humanitarian and compassionate pathways to reunite families from Ukraine, Colombia, Haiti and Venezuela. The first pathway program to be launched on October 23, 2023 will allow permanent residency applications from Ukrainian nationals who are in Canada with temporary resident status and have one or more family members in Canada. Those who are eligible include Ukrainian spouses, common-law partners, parents, grandparents, siblings and children or grandchildren of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

The other pathway program that is set to launch sometime this fall, will welcome up to 11,000 foreign nationals from Colombia, Haiti and Venezuela who have a family connection in Canada. Their family member must be their child, grandchild, spouse, common law partner, parent, grandparent or sibling who holds a Canadian citizen or permanent residency status.

The specific policy detailing the eligibility criteria and application process will be announced closer to the program launch date.

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